Terms & Conditions

1 Full payment shall be made upon order. (Company will not accept the promissory note)
Bank in to : 3164 226 510 Public Bank - ECO PRINT STUDIO
2 Our company need two to three working days to confirm the payment on online interbank fund transfer.
(Example: Maybank account transfer to our Public Bank account)


For customers who use ATM cash deposit, transfer, or cheque deposit after bank operation hours, our company will need 1 day to confirm the payment such as the time of payment after 5p.m on the same day, guests have one more working days funds can be confirmed.
4 Customer who made the payment, please email (payonline@yahoo.com) the payment slip to our account department within the office hours, Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 6.30pm, Saturday from 9.30am to 2.30pm at 016-667 3881. Please write down the job order number and contact number, so that our company can process your order as soon as possible. If email to account department after the office hour, our company will confirm your payment and process your order on the next working day.
5 Customers who made order and didn't collect the goods within 30 days, our company will not keep the goods, while the deposit and payment will not be refund and will dispose the related goods.
6 Customer are advised to check the goods quality and quantity immediately after collect the goods, if there is an error, please visit our company within seven days or call 03 - 9011 6606 / 07- 550 5463 to contact our customer service, after the within period our company will not be accepted.
7 Customers claim any orders, the Company will only accept and return the relevant payment reprint, clients of any economic losses, the company will not be responsible.
  Request File
1 Printing files must save in CMYK four-color format, if customer's file is RGB, Pantone color or other color format; our company will convert it to CMYK four-color format. If the color variance caused by the color conversion, our company will not be responsible.But color mode conversion occurs resulting color differences, our company will not be responsible.
2 CMYK color shouldn't less than 8%, otherwise the color reproduction will not obvious when printing.
3 Text file must be converted to frame the word (example: Outline fonts)
4 File size must be 1:1 with the product, pictures, resolution is 350dpi or higher.
5 There will have a certain level of color variance compare with color proofing; the printing color will follow our company color standard.
6 Maximum size for proofing is A3 (420mm x 297mm), file which beyond the above size will shrink to fit in A3 size.
7 Customers can not use computer monitor or proof provide by customer as color standard
8 The file needs to reserve around 3mm if bleed size to avoid white line expose after cutting.
9 Acceptable file format as: illustrator (maximum support for CS6),  Acrobat PDF (9.0), other types of file types will not be accepted.Other types of file types are not accepted.
10 Acceptable image formats: *. psd, *. tif (compression optional LZW), *. jpg.
11 Guests to file the company only keep for 25 days.